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World War Z' Movie: Brad Pitt to Star

Do you like to read celebrity News? If yes, here we have discussed the news about Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt is going to star in the film named World War Z. The author of World War Z named Max Brooks has informed to MTV that Brad Pitt is going to star in his film. This film features a well-vignette-style set of stories, which express a big story about nearly 10 year war between humankind and undead. This film will be produced with the help of the Brad’s company. Brad is all set to star in this great film version of Max’ graphic novel named World War Z. According to the MTV news, Plan B, Pitt’s production company protected the rights to World War Z in the year 2007, after a bidding conflict with beginning star Leonardo diCaprio’s Production Company named Appian Way.

The famous celebrity, Brad has been rumored to be starring in the movie before but now his participation in the film has been confirmed by Max. This movie will be released in the year 2012 and was originally penned by J Michael Straczynski. Now it is rewritten by the person named Matthew Michael Carnahan who worked in the movie named Lions for Lambs. Marc Forster, director of Quantum of Solace is also connected to this project. Max confirmed that Pitt is chosen as a star in his movie and that paramount has also optioned the movie right to his 2 more projects such as "The zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks" and "The Zombie Survival Guide".

If you like Max then you will surely love Book of Max Book named World War z and you will follow the development of this movie adaptation closely with ease. It is a text developed for altered copy. It is the most grounded and sensible depictions of what a zombie outburst might be like. World War Z is not a kind of novel in a customary sense however it is an assemblage of interviews that give details about small moments during the zombie outburst as well as how various people from various cultural backgrounds managed to stay alive.

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